Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Boxwood Travelogue

John and I have just returned from a road trip out to Memphis. The highlight of our trip was reconnecting with my high school friend, Hallie. I suggested that we take her a plant as a way to spread the love.

For the past several years, I've been working on shaping up two nice boxwoods that John started from cuttings at least fifteen years ago. I chose the one on the left as my gift for Hallie.

Here's the boxwood with new decorative rocks and a trim on the sedum growing on the ground. You can keep cutting sedums back and they will miniaturize nicely.

So we packed up the car and headed to our first stop, Pickwick Landing State Park.

Here is the boxwood, together with its traveling companion, a phantom hydrangea, gazing wistfully out the hotel window.

After two nights in the Pickwick Dam area, we headed on to Memphis, with a stop at Shiloh National Military Park.

Ready to be presented!

We look forward to a photo showing this boxwood happily residing in its next home. Where will it be?

In related news, here is a quick picture of the Topiary Family, as of July 2018.

Left to Right: Vivienne, Babylonia, Tica, Thumblina (in front of Tica), T-Rex. Not pictured: Paulette, who has nicely recovered from a lacebug outbreak. I cut one of T-Rex's cascade arms way back as it was getting straggly.  Time for a new direction!

All plants by Front Porch Plants!


Hallie said...

We are very excited to be the boxwood's and hydrangea's new home, and we LOVED seein y'all.

Hallie said...

Seeing, I mean.

Unknown said...

What a sweet gesture!! I'm a lover of plant gifts. Note I did not say "live gifts".