Friday, August 24, 2018

Tica and Paulette Receive Care

A Topiary Family Update
March thru August, 2018

Back in March, I took an afternoon to check out the Topiary Family, dust off the winter doldrums, and provide some TLC in general. The main chore was repotting Tica, the dwarf peach.

The root ball slipped easily out of the old pot.

I broke up the root ball some,

sprinkled time release fertilizer in with the new dirt, replanted in the larger pot,

and watered well.

Next up on the chore list was some TLC for Paulette, who had been feeling poorly due to an infestation of lace bugs. I applied an insecticide to help the azalea get stronger before bloom season really cranked up.
I gathered everyone together for a family shot. Note the large cascade on T-Rex, center rear. Later on in the early summer, I decided that it was time to cut the cascade way back to encourage the foliage to thicken up and fill in some spots that were starting to look a bit mangy.
back row, L to R: Tica, T-Rex, Vivienne; front row L to R: Paulette, Babylonia holding Thumbelina
T-Rex, August 2018

And everyone today, all fat and sassy after a summer with plenty of water
far back, L to R: Tica, Vivienne; mid row L to R: T-Rex, Babylonia, Paulette; Thumbelina down front

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