About Wheredepony Press

Expertise for the Independent Author

Wheredepony Press is dedicated to helping people who want to self publish their books. We provide every service you need to see your book in print: manuscript editing, cover and textblock design, ISBNs and technical assistance with print-ready pdfs.  You keep all rights, access to all files, control of all the inventory, the right to market your book as you see fit, and all profit from sales. You have several print options, from print on demand to high-quantity offset runs.

We at Wheredepony believe in quality. We know your finished book must read, look, and feel as good as anything put out by the traditional publishers.  We are a very small company and plan to remain so. This gives us the ability to offer quality one-on-one consultations. We work with our clients as much as for them.

Consider these steps toward seeing your book in print:

  • Every book needs editing.  We offer mechanical and substantive editing services to polish the manuscript.

  • Proper formatting of your self published book is very important. Formatting involves choosing a pleasing font, inserting headers and footers, page numbers, among other things.  This is getting the book ready for the printer.  Proper formatting is the step that takes out the “amateur” look that is found in a lot of self published books.

  • We work with you on cover design, preparing your cover to your satisfaction.  We will help you in using your own artwork, or we will create an original cover for you.

  • We scale or otherwise manipulate any graphics, illustrations and pictures that are to be included in your book.

  • We can provide your ISBN. This is the “International Standards Book Number” that is printed on the back of most books.  You don’t have to have this, but we have found that most authors who have not used an ISBN later wish they had.

  • We’ll advise you about e-books, and provide formatting if needed.

  • Through our print on demand program, we can list your book with Ingram Distribution, a major book distributor.

  • We offer high-quality, print on demand services which can accommodate a wide variety of trim sizes, full-color interiors, in soft or hardcover.

Manuscript Services
Mechanical, which considers:
·       Word choice
·       Punctuation
·       Basic grammar
·       Proofreading
·       Line edits

Substantive, which considers:
·       Character development
·       Logical presentation of material
·       Consideration of setting, mood, narration
·       Consistency of tone, point of view, etc.
·       Collection, preparation, and arrangement of materials for publication, as in anthologies, etc.

Format & Design
Formatting includes:
·       Adding front matter, chapter headings, page numbers
·       Ensuring proper margins, line spacing, etc.
·       Assembling tables of content and appendices

Design includes:
·       Selection of appropriate fonts
·       Inclusion of illustrations, graphics, or other art
·       Book cover/jacket design

·       Attention to the overall visual appeal of the publication

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